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Discover the innovation that started as a solution for one truck driver and evolved into a community-driven movement. At FLAGRAZOR, we're more than a product; we're a symbol of expression on the open road.

FLAGRAZOR is not just a company; it's a vision born out of the trucking community's desire for self-expression on the open road. FLAGRAZOR is proudly American-owned and was founded by Jonas Haws, a retired firefighter inspired by truckers.

FLAGRAZOR's owner and founder, Jonas Haws.
Flagrazor device
A truck with a Flagrazor in it's bed

Crafted with Precision

Jonas Haws, a retired American firefighter and avid truck enthusiast, developed the FLAGRAZOR device in response to the protesting truckers of the 2022 Freedom Convoy. Motivated by a desire to express support and solidarity with their cause, Jonas was surprised to discover a market void—there was no device available to mechanically raise and lower flags on his truck bed. As a response, Jonas began to personally engineer a solution of his own, laying the foundation for the FLAGRAZOR: an innovative device poised to revolutionize the experience of truck drivers across the globe.

From Prototype to Passion

What started as a personal solution quickly turned into a community sensation. As other truckers witnessed the seamless rise and fall of flags on Jonas' truckbed, the interest grew. The demand was clear– FLAGRAZOR wasn't just a gadget; it was a game-changer. Spurred by the enthusiasm of fellow truckers, Jonas decided to share the innovation with the world, turning his creation into a business.

By Truckers, For Truckers

At FLAGRAZOR, we understand the unique needs of the trucking community because we are a part of it. Our founder, Jonas, remains deeply connected to the road, ensuring that every FLAGRAZOR product is designed with the trucker's perspective in mind. We take pride in being a company that listens to its customers and evolves based on their feedback.

Raise Flags, Raise Spirits

Our motto, "Raise Flags, Raise Spirits," encapsulates the essence of FLAGRAZOR. It's not just about patriotism; it's about expressing yourself and adding a touch of personality to your truck. Whether you're flying the colors of your favorite sports team, representing your alma mater, or showcasing your political affiliations – FLAGRAZOR is here to elevate your journey.

Join the FLAGRAZOR Community

Become part of a community that celebrates diversity and self-expression. Discover how FLAGRAZOR is more than a product; it's a symbol of the unique stories that each trucker carries with them. Your journey is personal, and so is your FLAGRAZOR.

Explore FLAGRAZOR today, where innovation meets individuality, and let your journey be as unique as you are.

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